Book Title: Be Free

More than just a guide to understanding Galatians, best-selling author Warren Wiersbe's Be Free is also a guide to embracing freedom in Christ.  As a man who is known as the "pastor of pastors" and has studied the Bible relentlessly, gleaning relevance for today for his readers and listeners, Wiersbe has so gripped the hearts of his wide audience that he has sold over 4 million copies of his "Be" series alone!

His accessible, at times quirky and comical, style of writing is perfect for any age group to crave more of the Word of God.  He opens up Paul's epistle, explaining Paul's approach to the Galatians and putting ancient traditions in perspective for Christians today.  Most importantly, he illustrates through Paul's writing how the Gospel can only remain the Gospel o...

Bibliographic information
Author(s): Warren W. Wiersbe
Publisher(s): David C Cook
Publish Date: 2009-06
Book Pages: 163
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 1434767477
Subjects: Religion / Biblical Commentary / New Testament • Religion / Biblical Studies / New Testament
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