Book Title: Dare to Be Free
Description: When the Germans invaded Crete in 1941, Sandy Thomas was shipped to the Greek mainland as one of their prisoners. Despite being severely wounded in the leg he attempted several escapes, including being carried out of his POW camp in a coffin. He finally succeeded in a spectacular escape, and made his way across Greece to Mount Athos, a rocky peninsula populated solely by monks. Here he evaded capture for over a year, before finally stealing a boat and navigating his way through winter seas to freedom in Turkey. This, his story, is one of the great escape narratives of the Second World War.
Bibliographic information
Author(s): W.B. Thomas
Publisher(s): Orion Publishing Group, Limited
Publish Date: 2005-01
Book Pages: 245
Industry Identifier: ISBN_10: 0304366390
Subjects: History / General
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